Negotiating Flexibility With Your Employer

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Elena: 'Thank you again for spending this last hour working through this with me. Feel so much better now and reassured that this step is needed and I will be on track.'

Applying for a new job - having the 'flexibility' conversation

  • Know YOUR story - Before having the conversation, be confident in your skills and abilities. Know what you are worth, what you want to do, and know what you are goods at. Employers like motivated and confident candidates.
  • Do some research - Google the employer. Find out if they are aflexible employer. Do they have a flexible work policy? Connect with your networks on LinkedIn and Facebook - ask if anyone has had any involvement with the employer. The more information you can gather, the more prepared you will be.
  • Always ask - If you see a job advertisement that looks perfect for you but it is full time, always find out if the employer if happy to explore flexible work options. The talent pool is getting smaller and the quality of the applicants may not be strong. If you don't ask you will never know.
  • Be upfront - Don't wait to get a job interview before finding out if the employer would consider flexible work options. Be upfront about your requirements so your time and the employer's time are not wasted.
  • Work with the right recruiters - If you are enlisting the help of recruiters, make sure you are talking to recruiters who understand your needs - and who undertand what flexibility means. Read our tips on dealing with recruiters.
  • Be proactive - if the role is similar to another role you previously worked flexibly in, prepare a business case as part of your application.
  • At the interview - Treat the interview process as a 360 degree interview. In other words, you are interviewing them just as much as they are interviewing you. You are at a stage in your career where you have accrued experience and expertise. Remember that.


Negotiating flexibility with your employer

The steps below will assist you in negotiating flexible working arrangements with your employer:

Step 1: Know the facts

Know the facts. Request a copy of your organisation's Flexible Work  Policy. There may also be a Telecommuting Policy. Know your opportunties and limitations. Speak to other employees who are working flexibly. Find out how they negotiated their working arrangements.

Step 2: Negotiating flexibility

Whether it is your current employer or a new employer that you need to approach to discuss a flexible working arrangement, it is important that you feel confident and prepared about negotiating a deal that will work for you. Make an appointment with your manager of HR contact to discuss the option of working flexibly.

Resource: Flexible work options to consider

Step 3: Business Case Proposal

Next, prepare a business case proposal for your manager. A proposal provides formality to an arrangement and can be filed for review at a later date.