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Support and Self Confidence

Who do you ask for help? It's a question that provokes either a long list of names being rattled off, or a response like: 'no-one', 'I wouldn't ask' or, 'I'm not that kind of person!' The latter is more often than not uttered by someone verging on wits' end. As they dangle over the cliff-face, clinging on by a fingernail, with their work and kids clutching their feet by a shoelace, they'll explain further: 'I'm completely responsible for my own life and never rely on anyone.’ If this is you - dangling proudly off that cliff, with important things dropping out of your pockets into the ravine below - read on. There are 7 beliefs that might be holding you back.

The 7 types of busy: how to disentangle yourself from doing too much Frantic?  Can't possibly take anything out of your schedule?  Modern life is flat out, and that's that. Or is it? Have a look through the following 'types' of busy and see if you can identify your own style.

Mothers are burning out - Is anyone listening? By Emma Grey, WorkLifeBliss - If you have struggled with the juggling demands of parenthood, take the time to read this honest, humourous and  confronting article. Emma is also the author of 'Wits End Before Breakfast!'

Post and Ante Natal Depression Association (PANDA) - PANDA offers support to women and their families who are suffering from Post and Antenatal Depression.

How to find 7 extra hours in a week - By Emma Grey, WorkLifeBliss - The Australian Work and Life Index found that working mums are more harried and pressed for time than ever before.  We know we need more ‘me time’, but how can we fit another thing into the twenty-four hours we’ve already crammed full of work, family, friends, study, multiplying loads of washing, supervising school projects, and the taxi service we provide for our kids. It can be easier to find that extra hour than you think!

Dads: How to support your partner at home - Keeping your relationship strong in the early years of parenting can be challenging. More and more dads are doing a great job at sharing parental responsibilities. And they are keen to understand how they can better support their partners at home. Here are some practical and common sense tips and advice to help support your partner while she is at home caring for the kids.

 Get all the Answers and Take on the Workforce

 We are dedicated to helping parents return to work with confidence. How do you start building that confidence? With the best information. We provide you with the answers to the key career concerns and questions working parents need resolved so you too can start thriving again at work. Get all the answers and take on the workforce.

Care Information

Returning to work and the challenges of childcare: Mixing childcare with work can be very stressful. How can you control the situation? The site is an initiative of the Australian Government. This site is about children, with the main focus being on early childhood learning and child care. You will also find helpful links to other information for families in this site.

Office of Early Childhood Education and Child Care: Fact Sheets
This comprehensive set of fact sheets highlight the range of Australian Government services and programs available to families using child care. The fact sheets include information on Child Care Benefit, Child Care Tax Rebate, Jobs, Education and Training (JET) Child Care fee assistance, Child Care Support program; and Child Care Access Hotline.

Family Day Care Australia -
Find a family day care service in your area or find out how you can operate a child care business from home with resources, support and training.

Child Care Information - Centrelink website
Find out about the child care benefit and the child care tax rebate.

Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centres: Find out information on local aged and community care services available, and arrange for help to take a break from your caring role.

Before and after school care, and holiday care: We have collected some useful resources to help you find suitable care for your children before and after school and during school holidays. The majority of outside school hours care services are approved child care services. This means that families using the service may be eligible for Child Care Benefit and the Child Care Rebate. Approved services must also show that they are meeting certain quality standards.

  • Care for Kids resource: Search for before and after school care in your area
  • YMCA: Look for care options for school age children in your area
  • - Find out about outside school hours care in your area
  • Google your local Council for after school and holiday activities

School Holidays and Public Holidays

Find out the dates of school holidays, school term and public holidays in every state and territory in Australia. Click here

Return to Work with your Self Confidence and Skills Intact

During parental leave, many mums often experience a lack of self confidence when it comes to their career and the prospect of returning to work. It is so common, and happens simply because you are removed from the workplace for a period of time.

View practical information and suggestions from CareerMums

Work and family balance tips

Tools and Fact Sheets

Australia's Paid Parental Leave Scheme - Find out about eligibility, payment rates, how to claim, and other resources.

Flexible work arrangements - All carers are entitled to request a flexible work arrangement according to the Federal Government's National Employment Standards.

What to ask your manager before going on parental leave - Parents who have taken parental leave will tell you that being prepared for your departure and potential return to work in advance makes the whole experience much less stressful for everyone involved including your baby.

Making your case for telecommuting: How to convince the boss - If you're seriously thinking you'd like a job where you can telecommute, a few reality checks are in order first.

3 steps to working smarter, not harder - Recently, I was speaking with a career mum on the complexities of furthering her career and juggling family responsibilities. We came up with a game plan on the work front on how to re-think her role and how to work more efficiently - with the focus being on quality not quantity.

Working from home - Working from home is something most of us would love to do. Being able to work part time and structure work around your family is so appealing. Flexible work options such as part time work, job sharing, flexi-hours, telecommuting and working from home are becoming more prevalent in organisations.

Managing your career as a working parent - Managing your career becomes more challenging after you have children. Before children, all you had to worry about was your career, your social life and your personal relationships. Children add a whole new dimension of responsibility and selflessness to your life, and unashamedly to most people, they take priority to a career. In saying that, it does not mean that you want to give up your career.

Tips for dealing with recruiters: Like it or hate it, recruiters tend to be one of a few employment channels we pursue when looking for a new job. CareerMums surveys have shown repeatedly that parents have not been impressed with recruiters, particularly post-child.

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How to negotiate flexibility - The term 'negotiating flexibility' can make people weak at the knees. It sounds hard but it doesn't have to be. In fact, with the right advice, it may prove to be an easier exercise than negotiating with your toddler or child!

Flexible Work Options - Working flexibly explained and examples of flexible work options.

Return to Work Tips - Returning to work can be a daunting prospect. Many mothers experience a lack of self-confidence when considering a return to the workplace. Here are some tips to assist you.

Negotiating Flexible Work Arrangements - Tips on how to negotiate flexibility with your employer.


Workplace Obligations and Entitlements Resources

Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (HREOC) - - ph: (02) 9284 9600 | General enquiries and publications: 1300 369 711

Your Finances and Financial Security

Understanding Money - The Financial Literacy Foundation was established by the Australian Government to give all Australians the opportunity to increase their financial knowledge and better manage their money. Put yourself in charge of budgeting, saving, investing, controlling your debts, superannuation and more. View their free information sheets for women wanting to build their money skills.

Starting Your Own Business

Australian Business Number - If you are thinking about starting your own business, read up on how to apply for an Australian Business Number.

Confidentiality Agreement Generator - Confidentiality agreements can give you some protection when you need to disclose secret information for meetings with potential investors or business partners. Download this agreement generator and fill in the details prior to discussing your innovation or idea.

Business Plan Guides and Templates - Starting your own business means writing a business plan. Here are some guides and templates to help you get started.

Australian Security and Investments Commission - If you are unsure of a self employment opportunity, visit this website to find out if it is a scam.

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Scam Watch - a site to help you recognise, report and protect yourself from scams.

Flying Solo - - If you are one of Australia's million solo business owners or have dreams of going it alone, you'll find inspiration, advice and a sense of connection through Flying Solo.

Springwise - - Springwise scans the globe for the most promising business ventures, ideas and concepts that are ready for regional or international adaptation, expansion, partnering, investments or cooperation.

99Designs - If you need graphic design work done such as logos or a website design, visit 99Designs. Provide a brief and a budget, and an online community of graphic designers will sumbit designs to win your business.

iStockPhoto - Locate a cheap image for your corporate brochure, website or presentation.

GoToMeeting - Use GoToMeeting to present, demonstrate and meet all you want for one low flat fee. Give sales demonstrations, meet and collaborate across the globe, deliver online training.

Top 10 tips for business sucess - Read about my top 10 tips for business success that I have picked up along the way. Importantly, I am still learning.

GrantsLINK - This website helps you find funding available under a variety of grant programs for individuals, businesses and communities to help you to develop solutions to local and national problems, fund ideas and initiatives or provide assistance in times of hardship.

Does your personal and business image do you justice? - Joanne Becker, Stylist and Brand Manager, talks about the importance of image and brand even when launching a solo business (i.e. you!)